Here in this silent room
That no one seems to know
Here in this busy womb
Where ideas start to grow

Here in this prison of bone,
This head made of stone,
The thought remains
Of early mornings with you
Twilight fireside we two
And summer rains
What has this heart done to hurt one so constant and real
Is there no way I can still say how I truly feel
If I made you leave me, do believe me it’s not what I want
Stone cannot erase, bone cannot give chase it can only haunt
This silent room

Here in this fugitive home
Where hunters go no more
There are fields still to roam
What would I trade it for?

Here in this changing maze
This distant haze
The image is clear, so clear
You with me by the shore
Sharing love more and more
But there’s a tear
What has this heart done to hurt one so constant and real?
This is my way to still say what I truly feel.
What could I do to show you how much I care
But to free you and see you fly where you dare?
From this silent room

Here in this busy room
That no one knows is there
This is the lover’s tomb
But your life’s out there somewhere
Away from this passionate prison, this dungeon of wisdom
You’re free at last, free at last
But you live on within
My love never ends,
It’s only past
Lee McDonald
all rights reserved