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Do Ya' Think Im Sexy - Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
All Right Now - Lee McDonald.mp3
Boys Of Summer-Lee McDonald.mp3
Chocolate and Vanilla Medley.mp3
Sweetness Is My Weakness Medley-Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
Happy Feelings - Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
How Long - Lee McDonald.mp3
I Wanna Dance - Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
If I Want To - Lic 'N Stic.mp3
It Was Almost Like A Song - Lee McDonald.mp3
Keep Playing That Rock And Roll - Lic 'N Stic.mp3
Kool Aid Kids - Lic 'N Stic.mp3
Kool Aid Kids 2- Lic 'N Stic.mp3
Lets Groove Tonight - Lee McDonald.mp3
New York Minute - Lee McDonald.mp3
September - Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
Smoke From A Distant Fire - Lee McDonald.mp3
Standing On Shaky Ground-Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
Travelin' Man -Billy King with Chocolate and Vanilla.mp3
We Just Disagree-Lee McDonald.mp3
Without You - Lic 'N Stic.mp3
Just The Way You Are - Chocolate and Vanilla featuring Joe Jackson.mp3