Performance For more than 50 years, I have performed a wide variety of material, but principally those styles related to rock or soul (i.e., rhythm and blues, classic soul, "Carolina Beach Music". funk, funk rock, most forms of rock), as front singer, keyboardist/singer, guitarist/singer and all permutations thereof. Even done some yacht club, country club, show band work. I love to sing and play and have made a life of it.



Consulting Having worked as manufacturers rep, retail salesperson, clinician, studio engineer, producer for hire, and general applications troubleshooter, I may have the right knowledge at the right time.  I Am Not A Computer whiz! For midi, analog or digital recording, advice or Hardware, I might occasionally be of some help.



Hosting This isn\'t a category I would have placed myself in just a couple of years ago, though as much time as I\'ve spent on-stage, I wonder why. I now have found that I have a wonderful time hosting "guest singers" at my karaoke shows. I\'m fairly photogenic, animated, participatory, instructional and have a quick mind and occasional wit. Come see my show the next time you\'re going to the seashore. Come to Myrtle Beach.!! For good or bad, I\'ve not seen another like it.



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