Honestly though, I still prefer snail mail in some ways, but the net is getting better, or I'm getting better at the net. 

Mr. Night Productions
P.O Box 6903
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 
General Email: 




I'm at my show Tuesday-Saturday from 9pm-1am eleven and half months a year. Actual show time is 9PM to 1:30am (prep time)


I'm here at my little laptop a couple hours a night after 
2:30am (07:30GMT).Click "more" under consulting on services
page for access to my chat room. IRC won't work with aol. If you're on aol, open a separate browser and enter from there.


Though I sing all night long (even off-mike), I still like to have a live one behind me, or have my guitar slung on,  maybe even have my keys along. I do occasional Sunday night shows, solo or with a band and have been known, now and then, to "do doubles". That is the practice by some of playing two full engagements in a day on a regular basis, but in different locations. That is, opposed to "matinee shows". Got a suggestion, I'll think about it. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good demos and retrospectives put together and be able to force them on you.  just kidding!!


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