Lee McDonald

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Jonathon Bowser Goddess Art 

Jonathon Bowser-Goddess Art









Over 57 years playing guitar and keyboards of assorted varieties, from Hammond B3, through the ARP Instruments years, to my current favorites from Ensoniq and a great computer rig

Bullet Ensoniq TS12 and Arturia controlled midi rig. 

    Emulator X, ARP2600v, Minimoogv, Moog Modular v2, Yamaha CS80v and many other VST modules



Fifty seven years playing Slow-hand style lead and Bullet rhythm guitar.

Bullet Fender equipped
    Digitech effects


Writing sophisticated, thought provoking rock & rhythm and blues.

Great collaborator for music or lyrics
Bullet "We"
Bullet "Anything"


Composing and recording new age and soundtrack Style music

Bullet Three Scenarios for Orchestra

Bullet Advertising jingles




Bullet Of all the things I do, the one I am told that I do really well. In fact, that\'s why I learned all the other stuff, so I\'d get to sing.     

Bullet Great emotionality. Whiskey baritone to rock tenor


Lover of Life

I\'m basically a trusting soul, who gives everyone an even playing field and all the help I can offer and will continue to do so until I\'m proven wrong.



Cabana Terrace 1987

Lee McDonald, circa 1987

Eventually, I\'ll have a complete gallery of old and new photos and  memorabilia that probably only I and a few friends will really care about,but you might find interesting, too. Meanwhile, I\'ll start off the image files with a classic from the old Cabana Terrace Hotel in North MyrtleBeach , before Hurricane Hugo in 1989 changed the  complexion of the traditional resort hereon the Grand Strand.

From about 1987,note the old Fender-Rhodes piano and ARP 2600synthesizer. Great fun!!!.


My Life and Observations Blog

Links to classic old audio from Chocolate and Vanilla, Lic N\'Stic and others.

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